About Us

The Paloma Group is a privately owned manufacturing company that began operation in 1911 as a pioneer in the Japanese gas appliance industry. 

Today, Paloma is a world leading producer of gas appliances.  Its residential and commercial products have more than 100 years proven innovation and excellence behind them and operate in a broad variety of installations around the world. www.palomaglobal.com


Put simply our mission is to help you choose the best, most cost effective continuous water heating and space heating solutions tailored to your individual lifestyle and needs. 

We recognise life is busy.  Home, family, work, business - sometimes life seems far from simple!  New Zealand homes are changing, as well.  They are getting larger, with multiple living spaces and bathrooms, an extensive array of shower heads, spa baths and other appliances to make our lives easier in today’s fast-paced world.  The result is a greater demand for instant warmth and hot wate

Choosing the right space heater or water heater can be confusing, time-consuming and maybe even a bit daunting.   With this in mind, and for your convenience, we have developed a straightforward four-step Water Heater Product Selector to guide you, whether you need to cater to endless teenage hot water showers, wash a team load of rugby jerseys, or relax for a long soak in the bath. 

Click here to use our product selector or visit your nearest Paloma retailer for a chat with knowledgeable staff trained in all things Paloma including our stunning range of power flued gas space heating options.


Paloma craftsmanship is built on superior quality and a commitment to achieving the highest level of safety engineering of any company in the gas appliance industry. 

From design to finished product assembly you have the peace of mind of first-class materials and rigorous monitoring at each step in the manufacture of your Paloma product.  

When making Paloma water and space heaters we use superior:

  • pure copper heat exchangers and combustion chambers
  • brass controls
  • stainless steel burners
  • corrosion resistant copper with mineral inhibitors to ensure longer life
  • hard baked enamel exteriors for attractive durability

All Paloma gas water and flued gas space heaters are certified to NZ safety standards and are easily serviced, with state-of -the-art diagnostics allowing instant trouble-shooting, saving you time and money while minimising time without hot water and warmth.


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