Gas Hot Water Systems Accessories

To accompany and enhance our gas hot water systems, we have developed a range of reliable accessories available at stockists throughout NZ.

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Pipe Cover and Recess Kits

The addition of Paloma’s stylish yet functional Pipe Cover or Recess Kit provides discreet installation and maintains the clean design lines of your property, concealing pipe-work and your external water heater. 

Pipe Cover

Recess Kit


Pipe Cover Specifications:
16L - Part No. PC16-20A. Size: 400 x 350 x 135mm
24L - Part No. L28A. Size: 400 x 350 x 195mm
27L - Part No. PC27. Size: 420 x 350 x 200mm

Recess Kit Specifications:
24L - Part No. RK-24-P. Wall hole dimensions: 1045 x 415 x 230mm
27L - Part No. RK-27P.  Wall hole dimensions : 1040 x 415 x 185mm


The Paloma range comes with optional Remote Controllers which allows you to precisely control the water temperature in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry, giving you the luxury of enjoying the perfect temperature every time. (Pre-set temperatures are available without controllers). 

The Standard Controller  beeps when the bath has reached the desired level. Part No. MC-101N (kitchen), SC-101N (bathroom) SC101SN (secondary bathroom).

The Deluxe Controller offers the additional benefits of a voice prompt feature and a bath-fill function stops the water flow, providing safety and peace of mind. Part No. MC-115VN (kitchen), SC-115VN (bathroom) and SC-115VSN (secondary bathroom).


Deluxe Standard


For larger installations multiple units can be combined to supply hot water through a single pipe system to satisfy more demanding requirements such as larger households, sports clubs and light commercial applications where multiple outlets are often used at the same time.

The 16 litre and 27 litre models feature the easy-to-install EZ-Link ®System which is used to electronically control two identical water heaters.  Plumbed in parallel, from the same temperature controller, they operate as one combined unit, allowing the two units to supply through one pipe system.  Depending on demand, one or both units may be in operation.

All models can also be manifolded using PAM (Pressure Actuated Manifold) valves with no limit to the number of units joined together.

This type of manifolding operates in a step-down system, whereby the greater the draw of water, the more the units will activate. The units also activate alternatively, ensuring even use of all units in the system.

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