Endless Hot Water Easily

There are varying energy sources for heating water, i.e. electric, gas, solar, heat pump and solid fuel (wetback), but only two types of hot water heaters:

Storage Water Heating

A storage water heating system uses a hot water storage cylinder of varying capacity to hold water which is then heated using one of a variety of fuels.  Traditionally housed in a hot water cupboard or ceiling cavity, storage water heating has been the most common water heating system in New Zealand.

Continuous Flow Water Heating

A continuous flow gas water heater on the other hand detects when you turn on the hot water tap and heats the water as it passes through the unit.  When you turn the tap off, the instant water heater (as they are also known) also turns off.

With Paloma’s continuous flow gas hot water heater you can enjoy instant heat at the touch of a button, precise temperature control and an endless supply of hot water while saving energy and money.

But don’t just take our word for it, check which Paloma water heater is right for you.

Versatility at your fingertips

Tailoring Paloma to your individual lifestyle and needs is simple with our unique range of versatile features:

Quality (Q) Function

The unique Q function provides superior temperature control with minimal water temperature fluctuation.


For larger installations multiple units can be combined to supply hot water through a single pipe system to satisfy more demanding requirements such as larger households, sports clubs and light commercial applications where multiple outlets are often used at the same time.

The 16 litre and 27 litre models feature the easy-to-install EZ-Link® System which is used to electronically control two identical water heaters.  Plumbed in parallel, from the same temperature controller, they operate as one combined unit, allowing the two units to supply through one pipe system.  Depending on demand, one or both units may be in operation.

All models can also be manifolded using PAM (Pressure Actuated Manifold) valves with no limit to the number of units joined together.

This type of manifolding operates in a step-down system, whereby the greater the draw of water, the more the units will activate. The units also activate alternatively, ensuring even use of all units in the system. 

Solar Boost

Paloma’s optional solar boost function allows the water to be used as a hot water boost together with most solar heating systems.  The heater is connected in series with the storage cylinder, boosting the water temperature during low solar gain, delivering an uninterrupted hot water supply.

Hot Water Circulating System

A Paloma water heater can be installed as part of a circulated hot water flow and return system.  This allows continuous hot water without delay.

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