Energy Efficiency – make your money go further

We have all heard the saying “waste not, want not” and with 33% greater efficiency than a conventional hot-water cylinder, a Paloma fits the bill as a smart choice.

Smart choices come from smart thinking.  Choosing Paloma, with its superior 6 star energy rating, lowers your running costs because energy is used to produce hot water only when you need it.  You are not storing water to keep it hot or heating it over and over again and then never using it. You only pay for the energy you use when your Paloma is operating. Isn’t that better use of resources?

But when it comes to comparing products don’t just take our word for it – get free, independent advice.

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) provides people in businesses and at home with the information, tools, and support needed to make informed decisions about their energy use. Their energy rating labels indicate how much electricity an appliance uses in a year, plus a star rating (6-star being highest) shows how energy efficient it is.

Each extra star featured on the front of the unit, means an additional 10% or more savings on running costs.  The higher the rating, the more efficient the water heater is, which means it delivers more heat per unit of energy used.

Paloma 6 star water heaters offer significant savings in running costs. When the tap is turned on the water flow is reduced until the water is heated to the set temperature. This feature avoids wasting precious energy and water as excess water is not being dumped down the drain while waiting for it to heat up. A greater flow can be achieved during this short period, if using a single-lever tap, position the lever in the centre so hot and cold water is supplied to maintain the water pressure until the hot water arrives.

The water heaters are also programmed with ‘fuzzy logic’. Once hot water is called for it will stay in standby mode to deliver hot water instantly if the hot tap is turned back on in the standby period. The more the hot tap is used the longer it will stay in standby mode. If the hot tap is not used for an extended period the water heater will go back to energy saving mode.

Click on the link to find EECA information about Energy Rating labels, Energy Star Ratings and water heating.


When hot water heating accounts for around 30% of the average New Zealand household energy bill*, economy and choosing the right energy efficient hot water heater for your needs are important.  

With a plentiful supply of natural gas in New Zealand, and price structures proven to be more stable than those for electricity, a high efficiency gas water heater is an ideal, economic choice. Just one Paloma gas water heater can supply all the hot water you need in your home for your shower, bath, dishwasher and laundry. 

Benefits of your Paloma continuous flow gas water heater include:

Endless** hot water on demand, safely


• Fuel • Maintenance
• CO2 • Capital & installation
• Fixed charges  
  • Water is heated only when you need it and as you use it
  • Never wait for another cylinder full of hot water
  • Water is healthy and sediment-free.  It has not been sitting in storage gathering minerals and impurities
  • Precise temperature control provides peace of mind when hot water is being used by children and the elderly.

Reduced costs

  • You only pay for the energy you use
  • No energy input to maintain the temperature of stored water, i.e. standby heat loss
  • High 80+% efficiency.  All Paloma models have the highest 6 Star Energy rating
  • Units installed close to outlets reduce pipe lengths and time taken for water to get to the tap.  Paloma’s Internal ceiling model  can be placed centrally in your home
  • Precision temperatures provide additional cost saving opportunities
  • Quick, easy installation of a single unit reducing plumbing and gas fitting costs
  • Manifold (combine) units to operate as one using the same temperature controller and one pipe system for higher demand or commercial applications.

More valuable indoor space in your home

  • No cupboard required for a hot water cylinder
  • Use precious cost per metre funds for the things you want
  • Choose from a discreet internal installation (typically for a roof cavity) or installation on an external wall.  Compact and unobtrusive, whether it is a retro-fit or new home you will gain valuable indoor space.  Pipe covers and recess kits are optional for external models, concealing pipe work and heaters to ensure a streamlined look for your home.

Say goodbye to standby heat loss, storage cylinders and cold showers.  Say hello to all the fresh, safe hot water you want, when you want it, more space in your home and saving money.  Now that makes sense – plain and simple.

** So long as the electricity or gas is available

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