Energy Efficiency - make your money for further

When home heating accounts for around 34% of the average New Zealand household energy bill* economy and being smart in choosing the right energy efficient space heater for your needs are important.  

Smart choices come from smart thinking.  Choose Paloma, with its superior 4.8 star energy rating, exclusive Paloma designed seven stage modulating gas valve, preheat and economy modes, and low standby power usage all helping to lower your running costs because energy is used to produce winter warmth only when you want it.  You only pay for the energy you use when your Paloma is operating. Isn’t that better use of resources?

But when it comes to comparing products don’t just take our word for it – get free, independent advice.

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) provides people in businesses and at home with the information, tools, and support needed to make informed decisions about their energy use. Their energy rating labels indicate how much electricity an appliance uses in a year, plus a star rating (6-star being highest) shows how energy efficient it is.

Each extra star featured on the front of the unit, means an additional 10% or more savings on running costs.  The higher the rating, the more efficient the water heater is, which means it delivers more heat per unit of energy used.  

Click on the link to find EECA information about Energy Rating labelsEnergy Star Ratings and space heating.


With a plentiful supply of natural gas in New Zealand, and price structures proven to be more stable than those for electricity, a high efficiency power flued gas space heater is an ideal, economic choice. Just one Paloma space heater can supply all the warmth – 15 MJ/hr or 25 MJ/hr - you need in your home or larger space. 

Benefits of your Paloma power flued gas space heater include:

  • One touch electronic ignition providing instant heat and immediate comfort
  • Uncompromised fresh room air from a room sealed appliance with a coaxial flue system expelling flue gases to the outside 
  • Peace of mind.  All Paloma heaters are certified to New Zealand standards, manufactured from superior materials and tested prior to leaving the factory
  • Sophisticated styling and with no hearth required more valuable indoor floor space.  Use precious cost per metre funds for the things you want.

Reduced Costs

  • You only pay for the energy you use
  • High efficiency.  All Paloma models have the highest 4.8 Star Energy rating
  • Precision temperatures provide additional cost saving opportunities
  • Quick, easy installation of a single unit reducing gas fitting costs.

Say goodbye to chilly welcomes and long waits.  Say hello to quick comfortable heating when you want it, more space in your home and saving money.  Now that makes sense – plain and simple.

* Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ)

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