Extensive Warranty

You can purchase a Paloma gas water heater with confidence, knowing that it has been manufactured to the highest standards, and complies fully with New Zealand regulations.

The 16 litre, 24 litre and 27 litre hot water heaters all have a comprehensive 10 year pro-rata warranty* on the heat exchanger and a 3 year parts and labour warranty when installed in a residential dwelling in NZ.  All parts and labour are covered for one year from date of installation of water heaters in commercial contexts.

So say goodbye to cold showers and increasingly high electricity bills.  Paloma ensures that you have hot, instant, continuous water EVERY TIME you need it, without blowing your budget.

* Residential pro-rata 10 years – Heat exchanger (parts only) from date of installation, e.g. within 2nd year 80%, 4th year 60% of the value of the part. 3 years all other parts and labour.

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