Extensive Warranty

You can purchase a Paloma gas space heater with confidence, knowing that it has been manufactured to the highest standards, and complies fully with New Zealand regulations.

All Paloma Gas Flued Heaters have a comprehensive 10 year pro-rata warranty* on the heat exchanger, a 2 year component repair or replacement cost on the fan, and a 1 year component repair or replacement cost on all other components, when installed in a residential dwelling in NZ. Labour is free of charge for 1 year for the repair and/or replacement of faulty components.

For commercial applications from date of installation, component repair or replacement cost and labour charges are covered for 1 year.

Enjoy the convenience and durability a Paloma space heater can offer, while providing you with the luxury of warmth that you deserve.

* Residential pro-rata 10 years – Heat exchanger (parts only) from date of installation, e.g. within 2nd year 80%, 4th year 60% of the value of the part. 

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