Step 1: How many showers?

How many showers in your home?


The layout of your home and the number of showers you have will determine the size and number of Paloma gas hot water heating systems you need.
The following guide will help you to decide.

  • 1

    Opt for the 16 or 24 model

    The 24L model is recommended if:

    • you live in a cooler region likely to get snowfall
    • you have a high pressure shower head
    • you plan to renovate
  • 2

    Opt for the 24 or 27 model

    The 27L model is recommended if:

    • you live in a colder region likely to get snowfall
    • both shower heads are high pressure with showers often used at the same time
  • 3

    Opt for the 27 internal or external model

    • Multiple external units may be needed if bathrooms are more than 15m apart
    • Choose the internal option to eliminate distance issues with one central unit (not suitable for all households)

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