Paloma Gas Water Heater Systems

Choosing the right gas water heater is not only an investment in your home, but in today’s fast-paced world, it is important to know that you have enough hot water at any time.

With a Paloma Gas Water Heating system you can heat as much water as you require in an instant, so your main consideration when selecting the right model is the number of hot water outlets you may use at one time to maintain maximum water flow. 

Modern NZ bathroom designs come with an extensive array of shower heads which often means it is important to consider the water draw required to enjoy the full blast from your fittings. An average shower head uses 8 – 12 litres/minute, while designer shower heads may use up to 25 litres/minute.

Paloma 16, 24 and 27 litre water heaters suit both residential and light commercial applications.

Applications include:

  • Home
  • Commercial
  • Baches and cottages
  • Sports clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Offices

For larger installations multiple units can be manifolded together to satisfy more demanding requirements such as larger households, sports clubs and light commercial applications where multiple outlets are often used at the same time.

Water heater systems are also available for both external and internal location to enable you to choose a model most suitable for your application:

External Location

Discreetly located on an outside wall, ideally near the most used water outlet such as the kitchen, Paloma's external gas water heaters are compact, stylish and inconspicuous. They take up minimal space ensuring minimal impact on your home and surroundings.

Internal Location

The internal water heater allows water to be heated in a more central location within your home which may reduce the pipe lengths and the time taken for hot water to be supplied at the tap. A flue safely exhausts any combustion gases outdoors. Note that a Paloma flue-kit must be used for installation.

This model is typically installed in suitable spaces within lofts, laundries, storage cupboards and ceilings. The flue can be installed horizontally or vertically, providing versatile siting of the heater.

Use our convenient four-step Product Selection Guide to consider which Paloma product may meet your needs. We recommend you then consult with a specialist plumber/gasfitter for a final recommendation to select the best size Paloma water heater for your requirements.

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