Safety & Design

At Paloma we understand peace of mind is about your family’s safety.  That’s why you will find a range of SMART Technology features built into our designs. 

From Paloma’s LED screen error coding allowing instant trouble-shooting, saving time and money while minimising the time without warmth, through to our state-of-the-art diagnostics, your comfort and safety are our priority.  

In the unlikely event a fault should occur, Paloma’s state-of-the-art over-heat protection system automatically shuts down the space heater.

In-built safety features include:

  • Filter Clean Warning Device
  • a Flame Failure Device
  • Power Failure Device
  • Overheat Safety Device
  • Over-Current Safety System
  • Back Burner Protection
  • Air Volume and Combustion Control

 All provide reassurance that the space heater will operate safely at all times.

The Commercial model also includes the added feature of a lockable control panel, providing reassurance that the unit cannot be tampered with when it is located in a public area.

Paloma power flued space heaters are manufactured from high class materials, including quality stainless steel burners and corrosion resistant copper coated with mineral inhibitors to ensure longer life. All Paloma heaters are manufactured and tested prior to leaving the factory. They are certified to New Zealand safety standards. We build for safety. We build for durability.

Eco Centred

Not only does Paloma find the most efficient way to keep you warm, we also keep it green.

Everyone claims that their product is greener but few take the next step. Paloma is taking that step; we're making the choice not to be a bigger cause of the problem. We realize we have a role to play in seeking a solution to a serious and difficult issue. Paloma is ready to meet the challenge.

We know gas burns the cleanest of all fossil fuels, resulting in less greenhouse gas emissions.  A report completed by the Centre for Advanced Engineering says that using gas instead of electricity for water and home heating could cut New Zealand’s CO² output by nearly two million tonnes per year.Gas is also a highly efficient direct fuel, so is not only a great option for your home, but also for the environment.


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