Paloma Gas Space Heaters

Choosing the right power flued gas space heater is not simply about warmth.  It’s about the uncompromised comfort of a warm, cosy room when you wake in the morning or come home at night.  It’s about the peace of mind of having heat when it’s needed, and the confidence that Paloma’s superior Japanese in-built safety features are certified to New Zealand standards.

With a Paloma Power Flued Gas Space Heating system you are in charge.  Fully automatic and thermostatically controlled, these high efficiency gas heaters provide instant warmth at your command.  Paloma’s flue system expels flue gases outside so room air stays fresh.  Adjustable temperature controls, vertical louvres, dual timers and a convenient humidifier tray allow you to choose even greater comfort and warmth to suit your specific requirements.

Stylish and attractive Paloma’s gas heaters add sophistication and value, and are designed for multiple options so they can be installed anywhere in your home or larger space, NZ-wide.

Paloma PRS-150, PRS-250 gas space heaters suit residential applications and PRS-250C is designed for light commercial applications, providing 15MJ/hr and 25MJ/hr heat output respectively, with a 4.8 star energy efficiency rating.

Applications include:

  • Home
  • Classrooms
  • Halls
  • Churches
  • Day care centres
  • Clubs
  • Light commercial buildings

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